Sure we love to be around people. We love to laugh, interact, maybe every once in a while be the center of a party. We get off being in the crowd, and love people watching. However, it gets draining and when does we seem a little bit at war with ourselves. We are the ones who love to express ourselves but tend to have anxiety driven by an over flood of thoughts.

We feel it in every crevice of ourselves because although we tend to be super chill, we can never shut off what is happening around us. We are often calm and collected – but unsure of what will come next.

These are some things that happen in the mind of anxious extrovert – because really we aren’t sure what is happening all the time either.

1. We become utterly indecisive… Sure, the party is great until we are no longer sure who we should talk to, or what we should wear. We become concerned with impressions and first encounter meet and greets.

We second guess ourselves, and prepare for the worst case scenarios because we might say something wrong.

2. We wonder often… We are fascinated by people, and that is part of the reason we surround ourselves with them. We wonder how is it possible that all the beautiful specimens out there carry such different insights.

And, at the close of it all we wonder if it is their personality types that drive their passions and frustrations.

3. We overthink… We become unsure of what to say or how to say it. We get our energy from those around us, however there is a part of us that doesn’t want to say anything at all.

And our minds become a chaotic battle ground for hat is the appropriate social norm to express.

4. We make ourselves more anxious… We want to hang out with you. And those plans are something that are on our radar, but the more social plans we get the more anxiety is driven from it.

It increases the closer the date gets to actively acting on those plans. And, then we aren’t even sure if we want to go out anymore.

5. We end up thinking in circles… We second guess ourselves because we aren’t sure we made the right choice. We want to be a social butterfly, but our bodies don’t always work the way we hope they would.

We don’t always function in the way we want to. We think to ourselves why would it be a good idea to do something like that.

6. We have to tell our minds to calm down… And let’s not forget our minds to. We want for a moment for there to be an off switch. We want to control ourselves, but sometimes that control is lost in the over thinking, and the sweating, and heavy breathing.

Because even extroverts have their moments where our bodily actions can be interpreted as we are coming off cold.

7. Our triggers can go off the rail at any moment… Although we want nothing more than to calm ourselves down, certain situations or things send us in a full blow panic. We begin to embody both sides of a spectrum so many people try to define.

And it makes it hard for us to tell others, or explain to them what exactly is going on with us.

8. But, when we calm down, we feel better… When our anxiety isn’t overly affecting us, we feel a sense of peace. It seems to get better, and we are for a moment okay. And for those moments we are genuinely grateful because it feels amazing.

There is no sense of second guessing or being unsure. We simply just thrive.

And for a moment we aren’t just an anxious extrovert.

We are ourselves.

And that is beautiful.


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