SOUTH OGDEN — Not even six surgeries, a mysterious brain infection and a promise that she’s about to look like a creature from another planet can get Christine Jacobson down.

The 54-year-old believes her faith is sufficient to handle anything, including currently going about without part of her skull and serving others while toting a medical IV.

A member of the Holy Family Catholic Church, Jacobson points to her life experiences so far as examples of her strength.

Moments after she learned she had an infection below her skull four years ago, she was rushed into emergency brain surgery.

“My name is Christine Jacobson,” she recalls saying to medical personnel preparing to cut open her head. “I am of sound mind and body. If I die, my last dying wish is for you to take all my organs and use them.”

Faith in a God, believing he would use her for good, is what gave Jacobson the courage to face that moment, she said.

When she woke up from surgery, realizing she was still alive, Jacobson said she determined right then and there to boost her efforts to live the best life possible. Many of those efforts led to her being named as the Athena Award recipient last year by the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce.

The award is reserved for an inspirational woman member of the chamber.


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