Brain Injury

Hypothermia Raises Survival Chances In Traumatic Brain Injury

Lowering the body temperature in people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), as soon as possible after the trauma, may significantly improve chances of survival in adults, suggests research from Royal Holloway College, University of London.Purposely lowering the body temperature, known as therapeutic hypothermia (TH), involves reducing the body temperature of a...

Texas Plans Extensive Study on Brain Injuries in High School Athletes

Texas is beginning what state officials say is the nation’s largest effort to track brain injuries among young athletes. Starting this week, two dozen high school sports will be tracked in an attempt to gauge whether rules or equipment changes improve player safety and what more can be done to protect athletes. Information to be...

Decompressive Surgery Cuts Death in Traumatic Brain Injury

Patients with traumatic brain injury and raised intracranial pressure who underwent decompressive craniectomy — in which a large section of the skull is removed to allow the brain to expand — had a far lower mortality rate but were more likely to be left with severe disability than those treated medically, according to a...

Brain Injury : 5 Things Every TBI Survivor Wants You to Understand

1. Our brains no longer work the same. We have cognitive deficiencies that don’t make sense, even to us. Some of us struggle to find the right word, while others can’t remember what they ate for breakfast. People who don’t understand, including some close to us, get annoyed with us and think we’re being...

Tyler Wright Opens Up About Owen’s Brain Injury in Radio Interview

a new interview on Australia’s Public Broadcast Network, Tyler Wright dished on what is perhaps the year’s most troubling and least understood story: the condition of her brother Owen. His brain injury at Pipeline last winter sent him to the emergency room, then forced his withdrawal from the first half of this year’s...


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