Hope Still Races Ahead Of Evidence In Magnet Treatment For Autism

The story is a familiar one: the saga of a loving parent's quest to save a child. This time it's about the mother of a boy with autism. The mother scours the medical literature in search of any kind of treatment, however far-fetched and experimental. She finds one that seems promising, something involving magnetic...

A year later, how Microsoft’s jobs program for people with autism is working

It has been more than a year since Microsoft announced a pilot jobs program to specifically accommodate people on the autism spectrum. In an effort to improve the company’s “neurodiversity,” the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant began targeting people living with the disorder. Apart from seeking to be more inclusive, the company said teams with employees who think differently ultimately...

Millionaire mom who killed autistic son gets 18 years in jail

The unrepentant pharmaceutical millionaire who force-fed her autistic son a fatal dose of prescription drugs insisted she did it for his own good Thursday in Manhattan court just before a judge sentenced her to 18 years in prison.“I loved Jude more than anything in this world and I believed that he would live and...

HOW COULD SHE? Mum forced her son to pretend he had AUTISM SPECTRUM for ten years in £375k benefits scam

Web of sick lies meant children even had SURGERY they didn’t need A SICK mum is facing jail after getting her son to pretend he had AUTISM Spectrum, and tricking doctors into carrying out unnecessary medical procedures on her young kids so she could claim benefits. The 48-year old also falsely claimed more than £375,000 in disability...

Boy with autism spectrum died after being bound to chair and showered in cold water

A boy with autism spectrum, who was often tied to a chair and expected to sleep upright, died after he was given a cold shower and allegedly put in very cold temperatures in a garden shed.The boy's death on august 1, 2016, came after his parents turned to using ties and packing tape to restrain the boy...

Philly Mom Gets Nasty Anonymous Letter About Her Son With Autism

Bonnie Moran has been through it. The 32-year-old Mayfair mom suffers from spina bifida, and two of her three sons are autistic. Still, she says that most of the time, she’s able to hold her head high and enjoy life. But last week was a bit rougher than normal.Moran says that when she went...

Giving adults with autism the skills to build independent lives

Before Josh, 36, arrived at First Place Transition Academy, he had never taken public transportation on his own, much less held down a paying job. But a new pilot program is empowering adults with autism to overcome hurdles to independence. Special correspondent John Donvan, co-author with Caren Zucker of “In a Different Key: The...

Texas denies Medicaid coverage for autism therapy for kids

Like many parents of children with autism, Braulio De La Cruz sought an expensive therapy called applied behavioral analysis — or ABA – when his son Noah Leonardo was diagnosed last year.Noah, now 3 years old, qualifies for Medicaid coverage because he had been approved for Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, and...

Mom of Girl with Autism Opens Up About the Act of Kindness She’ll Never Forget

Kindness goes a long way, regardless of who you are. When you’re a kid, though, it is especially important to be both on the receiving and giving end of it, because it’s a lesson in empathy. Stephanie Skaggs, a mom of six and Zumba instructor, definitely believes in the gift of kindness tenfold.Her daughter Baylee,...

11 Expert-Recommended Autism Apps for Kids

1. First-Then Visual Schedule This app provides visual schedules to help with transitions and decrease anxiety. "First-then support can offer children of most intellectual and language abilities to understand what is expected of them, and what will come next, or what the reward will be," explains Aguayo.Cost: $9.99, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and...


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