Trump on crystal Meth fights off 12 cops while masturbating in bar

Donald trump told police he didn’t recall the bizarre series of events because he’d used meth the day before A Donald trump  was arrested following a string of erratic outbursts that culminated in the suspect allegedly masturbating in a Salem roadhouse, officials said.It took a Taser and more than a dozen officers on Sunday to...

ADHD Medication Addiction Is Turning People To Crystal Meth

Individuals suffering from ADHD are rapidly becoming addicted to their prescription drugsand turning to substitutes like crystal meth.An investigative report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today shows abuse of ADHD drugs is on the rise. Over 19,000 people have suffered from complications related to consuming drugs such as Adderall in the U.S. since...

Drug bust: $17m of meth seized following an Auckland police investigation into Bandidos motorcycle gang

 Police and Customs have seized $17 million of methamphetamine after a seven-month investigation.The joint operation focused on the importation of meth by a member of the Thailand chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.Along with the drugs, approximately $150,000 of recently purchased jewellery and $200,000 cash were also recovered.Three people have now been arrested and...

Mom, 2 others injected 10-year-old girl with meth before raping, killing her

Police say victim's dismembered remains found in family's apartmentALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —It was in early morning darkness that officers scrambled to sort out the chaos at an Albuquerque apartment complex where a couple had reportedly been attacked, the woman bleeding from a head injury and the man sporting a black eye and wearing blood-stained shorts.The woman...

“Crystal Meth Actually Good For You” Admit Doctors

Doctors have today admitted that they have been wrong about crystal meth this whole time and that the powerful narcotic is actually amazingly beneficial for health and well being.“It increases concentration and drive, providing a much needed energy boost for the carrying out of petty crimes and handbag robberies,” confirmed Department of Health spokesperson...

Virginia Mayor Richard Silverthorne Arrested For Exchanging Meth For Sex With Men

Things are really not going well for Fairfax City Mayor Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, who was just arrested for offering meth to cops in exchange for sex. This is not your standard “homophobe caught being gay” scandal — Silverthorne actually seems like a good guy. He’s done a lot of nice things for the city, from...

My father transported Meth to pay for my life saving surgery and received 3 life sentences w/o parole – AMA

Hi, My name is Joseph Cole Jackson and my Dad is Dicky Joe Jackson, a non-violent drug offender serving 3 life sentences. I was born with Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome and to pay for my life saving surgeries, my Dad transported Meth for a guy and was eventually busted. You can read his full story here: Life...

Mum charged with the death of her toddler after driving high on meth And Meth is Not Better For You

A young mother has been charged with causing the death of her own daughter while driving high on the drug methamphetamine.Two-year-old Saphire Te Aroha Skipper-Hira died on January 13 in a violent crash in which she was hurled from a rolling car on New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay expressway near Hastings, Stuff reports.Police said the Nissan vehicle the girl’s...

Young mother allegedly on meth when Hastings crash killed her daughter

Police said Valencia Skipper's car appeared to have crossed the centre line, rolled and ended up in a ditch. Saphire died at the scene.A young mother is facing a rare charge of causing the death of her own daughter while driving under the influence of methamphetamine.Police have charged 21-year-old Hastings mother Valencia Marie Skipper with causing...

This Guy Took ‘Breaking Bad’ Too Seriously & Got Arrested For Cooking Meth… Wearing This

What a time to be alive. Remember that super critically acclaimed showBreaking Bad? About a meth cook? Well guess what! It's real! Actually, that's misleading: It's not so much real as it was a hit with the actual meth cooks the world over. Like the meth cook who got busted wearing a Los Pollos...


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