Psychology facts that will make you think twice

The Brain Is Constantly Thinking Even When There Is Nothing To Think About; Meditation Can Help You Stop Thinking.2 Instead Of Thinking Of Something As A Problem, Think Of It As A Challenge . You Will Become More Motivated To Overcome It.3 People Think Differently When Speaking In Another Language The More That You Speak, The More Creatively That...


Up until only fairly recently psychology and philosophy were thought to go hand in hand. It was only during the 1870’s when psychology became an independent scientific discipline. Since then through multiple studies and technological advances, we have learnt a great deal although still only scratched the surface. Check out these interesting psychology facts,...

Psychology Says the Fear of Rejection Can Be a Source of Strength

We all fear rejection and I get it, it makes sense. Our ancestors had to stay together to survive. If someone was rejected, and became an outcast, that person would  have most likely died off if he was alone in the wilderness.It has also been said that the human brain treats rejection in a similar way it process...

5 Tips from Positive Psychology to Help You Avoid

Are your holidays filled with relaxation and quality time with family or are you resorting to drinking a little too much eggnog to make it through?. If you are, you are not alone. In fact, 90 percent of Americans who completed a survey indicated that they feel stress during the holidays and 24 percent experience...

13 psychological tricks that help in communicating with anyone

Sometimes we strike a wrong chord with someone, or feel uncomfortable to ask somebody about something.Today, Bright Side will tell you the techniques which can help you build good relationships with anybody.If the answer doesn’t suit you — for example, the person you are talking to left something unsaid, wasn’t clear, or lied — don’t ask again. Instead, simply look silently and...

Psychologists Say It’s Really Possible To Change Our Personality

Do you feel that you can become a better person, but your personality is hindering you from doing so?Are you one of those people who is making a conscious effort to change, but no matter how hard you try, you remain a prisoner of your personality traits?Don’t lose hope – it is indeed possible to change your personality! Personality Crisis According...


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