With the click of a camera, USC professor tracks New York City’s transit development

Date:July 17, 2017Source:University of Southern CaliforniaMartin Krieger took an unconventional approach to studying transit-oriented development around New York City Subway stations. He picked up a camera and snapped tens of thousands of photographs.“The people who talk about transit-oriented development have a very lovely image of a little village where people would work and reside...

Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, scientist says

Whether it's caffeinated or decaffeinated, coffee is associated with lower mortality, which suggests the association is not tied to caffeine Date:July 16, 2017Source:University of Southern CaliforniaSummary: Scientists have found that people who drink coffee appear to live longer. Drinking coffee was associated with lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and...

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The All-Natural Way to REVERSE Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctors Are in Complete Denial About

If you or someone you know has rheumatoid arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis), you’ll want to watch this video. In it, Sarah Allen, who is a former patient of mine, shares how she put rheumatoid arthritis into remission, and it’s a remarkable success story.Rheumatoid arthritis was a passion of mine while I was still in active...

The Art of Camouflage After Breast Cancer Surgery

Recently, while walking through a sporting goods store, I was intrigued by all of the camouflaged garments. I listened as my daughter’s boyfriend explained about the importance of hiding from the deer.“In order to be in position for a kill,” he said, “you have to hide in plain sight.” He told us about how...

Medical Marijuana and Its Effects on Multiple Sclerosis Caused Spasticity

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. MS affects approximately 3.0 million people globally, with about 300,000 cases in the United States. Twice as many women as men have MS. The average ages for onset of MS is 20-40 years. In MS, cells in the immune system attack...

10 Things for Parents to Know About the 2016-2017 Flu Vaccine

 It's time to get flu shots for your family before your house is full of fevers and dripping noses.  1.  The flu vaccine is essential for children. The flu virus is common and unpredictable, and it can cause serious complications and death, even in healthy children. Immunization each year is the best way to protect children.Each...

After 4 years and 6 brain surgeries, South Ogden woman staying optimistic

SOUTH OGDEN — Not even six surgeries, a mysterious brain infection and a promise that she's about to look like a creature from another planet can get Christine Jacobson down.The 54-year-old believes her faith is sufficient to handle anything, including currently going about without part of her skull and serving others while toting a medical IV.A...

Is it anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder?

Once fun-loving, outgoing, and energetic, Ms. R says she began feeling unusually anxious 3 years ago. A psychiatrist diagnosed bipolar disorder type II based on her racing thoughts, irritability, low energy, and history of mood swings. Over 2 years, the psychiatrist tried combining valproic acid with bupropion, citalopram, or extended-release venlafaxine, then tried lithium...

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Royce Brewer cleared after experimental treatment in Russia

A year ago Canterbury man Royce Brewer could barely put one foot in front of the other.Now the Rangiora resident is working as a landscaper and has just finished laying a cobblestone path.Brewer has suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS) for about 20 years, but his life changed after he travelled to Russia in February for a procedure deemed...


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