It is certainly no secret that Donald Trump supporters are not the biggest fans of Hillary Clinton. The host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central decided to blend into a Donald Trump rally to see what Donald Trump supports had to say about Hillary Clinton’s health, body double, and all the other conspiracy theories that have been floating around as of late.

What is the latest Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory, you wonder? Well, one Donald Trump supporter seems to think Hillary Clinton’s health issues may be because she is actually sick with AIDS. This Donald Trump supporter goes on to speculate that Bill Clinton gave his wife AIDS. The supporter also believed Magic Johnson had something to do with it. Did one (or both) of the Clintons have an intimate relationship with Magic Johnson? This Donald Trump supporter seems to think so!

Check out the video The Daily Show shared on Facebook below to see what other Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories the host of the Comedy Central television show was able to uncover:

According to The Political Insider, while the theory that the Clintons had an intimate relationship with Magic Johnson might be a bit of a stretch, there may actually be some merit to the Trump supporters’ theory that Hillary Clinton is sick with AIDS. Authors Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince released a new book titled Bill & Hillary: So This is That Thing Called Love. The book features interviews from sources close to the Clintons.

One of the sources reveal that Hillary repeatedly has Bill get HIV tests from doctors because of how many women he has been intimate with. The source goes on to reveal this is a decision Hillary made because her husband preferred to be intimate with all of these women without protection.

While the sources went on to reveal that the very first tests came back negative, there is no public information about the rest of the tests as both Hillary and Bill have done a pretty good job keeping their medical records and history out of the public eye. The Political Insider speculates that Bill Clinton having AIDS would explain the rapid change in his appearance, his heart surgery, his new diet, and the fact that he looks dramatically thin and weak at all of his wife’s campaign rallies.

The Political Insider goes on to point out that George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are roughly the same age, and while Bush continues to look healthy, Clinton continues to look older and frailer. Furthermore, it goes without saying that AIDS would also explain the recent bout of medical episodes and issues Hillary Clinton continues to suffer from as well.

Dick Morris, Bill Clinton’s former advisor, has even come forward to say Clinton isn’t looking too great these days and is hard to recognize as he looks washed out and appears to be having a hard time thinking or speaking.

Pink News reports former basketball star Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. has been living with HIV since the year 1991. So, while it is a stretch, he could have had something to do with the Clintons getting AIDS – if they have AIDS.

It goes without saying that some of the questions the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central asked the supporters at the Trump rally were intended to mock them for believing Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories. For example, the host admitted to printing out two identical pictures of Hillary Clinton before asking supporters if they looked different or which one was the body double.

Could there, however, be any merit to the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton has AIDS? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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