In honor of ADHD Awareness Month, collected the top five articles about ADHD in children and adults for psychiatrists.

Behavioral intervention, not medication, improves homework performance in ADHD

Homework performance significantly improved among children with ADHD who received behavior treatment focused on homework, while typical ADHD medication had no significant effect on homework performance. Read more

Suicide in young children more common in males, blacks, those with ADD, ADHD

Recent findings on suicide in elementary school-aged children suggest a need for common and developmentally-specific suicide prevention strategies for this age group. Read more

Combination therapy more effective than monotherapy for ADHD

A combination of d-methylphenidate and guanfacine was more effective for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder than either treatment alone, according to recent findings. Read more

Methylphenidate affects dopaminergic system in children, not adults

Recent findings indicated treatment with methylphenidate for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder significantly affected the dopaminergic system in children but not adults. Read more

Childhood ADHD diagnosis does not always precede adult ADHD

Recent findings showed a significant proportion of individuals with late-onset attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder did not meet criteria in childhood, suggesting that a lack of a childhood diagnosis should not preclude late-onset diagnosis in adulthood.


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